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Looking to hire a property manager for your rental property in Blue Springs, Missouri? There is only one service provider that you should rely on, SCUDO Real Estate and Property Management 

SCUDO is a full-service property management and real estate brokerage company. Our experience in property and real estate has guided homeowners, investors, and renters in the past. The company brand is synonymous with exceptional services, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction.  

SCUDO Real Estate & Property Management protects the interests and investments of our clients. We ensure that your investment property meets all legal provisions and regulations, is occupied by the best tenants, and is in the best condition possible. It is only a matter of time till you start enjoying a higher ROI.  

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Our Property Management Services 

At SCUDO, we work hard to keep our title of Blue Springs’s leading property management company. To meet the needs of our diverse clientele, we offer a wide range of management services. Some of them have been highlighted below.  

Setting and Collection of Rent  

Without experience and expertise in the rental market, it may be hard for landlords to set the appropriate rate for their investment property’s rent. A high rental rate may be the reason why your Blue Springs property is vacant. If you charge too low, you will have a hard time maximizing your ROI. You can rely on the team at SCUDO to conduct a rental assessment of your investment property.  

For these reasons, we at SCUDO use an online payment system to facilitate the rent collection process. These options are convenient and reduce the risk of handling cash.  

renter rental properties rent collection

Advertisement and Marketing  

If the vacant status of your property never reaches the target market, how will it be occupied? Your Blue Springs property needs to be advertised in the right places. We here at SCUDO will use the right media to bring in that sought-after rental income.  

We make use of a mix of print and digital media to market your investment property. High-resolution photos of your property will be posted on our social media accounts as well as on rental listing websites. As part of our advertising and marketing package, our team will help our clients with getting their property seen by as many prospects as possible.  

Making the Property Rent Ready  

Before your investment property enters the market, our team of trusted and qualified property managers will perform a thorough inspection of your property to ensure that it is rent-ready. We will make recommendations, if need be, to both the interior and exterior.  

Property owners in Blue Springs, MO should also note that making a property renter ready is a legal obligation. It is known as ‘the implied warranty of habitability’. The provision requires that the property should be in a habitable state before and during the tenant’s lease.  

Tenant Screening  

You’ve put a lot of effort into managing and maintaining your rental property, therefore you want to be on the lookout for a high-quality tenant. Such a tenant is characterized by prompt payment of rent, reasonable maintenance of the property and good relations with their neighbors. With our comprehensive selection process, you can lock down the best tenant Blue Springs has to offer.  

blue springs property managers Tenant Screening

SCUDO’s team of professional and detailed managers make use of a screening and selection process that has been refined over the years. Working with our tenants in the city, we perform background checks, criminal history and credit checks.  

Property Inspection and Maintenance  

As your property manager, we are responsible for making sure your rental property stays in top condition. It is important to make sure your property is well inspected before and after each tenant’s stay. We at SCUDO will help keep track of and maintain detailed records of your property inspections.  

Any and all defects on your property will be handled by a vetted team of contractors. These professionals’ quality workmanship is unparalleled in Blue Springs. Your tenants will appreciate having a well-maintained property all year long. Come to the end of their lease, the tenant will not think twice about renewing.  

About Blue Springs, Missouri  

Located on the outskirts of the Kansas City Metro Area and with a growing population of 54,850, Blue Springs is filled with several options of what to do and see. There are several parks that offer a change of pace from the hassle and bustle of urban city life. Central Park is one of the standouts mentions. Apart from the serene atmosphere and deep canopy, there is the stunning community garden project.   

If you’re looking for more indoor activities, Blue Springs has plenty. We suggest that you visit the Dillingham- Lewis Museum. The museum is owned by the Blue Springs Historical Society and is open for most parts of the year. This recreational option has items that span back almost a century.  

And in case you get hungry and thirsty from your walks in Blue Springs, Sandy’s restaurant is a must-visit! 

Source: Wikipedia 

Areas We Serve 

In addition to Blue Springs, we at SCUDO Real Estate and Property Management are proud to serve Fairway, Kansas City, Leawood, Merriam, Mission, Mission Hills, Olathe, Johnson County, Overland Park, Parkville, Prairie Village, Waldo, Roeland Park, Shawnee, and Lee’s Summit.  

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