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Are you looking for help in managing your multi-family rental complex in Kansas City? If so, SCUDO Real Estate & Property Management can help!

SCUDO Real Estate & Property Management is a locally owned and run property management company located in the heart of Johnson County. Our wide array of property management services will ensure your investment interests are protected!

Speaking of protection, scudo is an Italian word meaning shield. As such, our goal is to shield –  or protect – your best interests when it comes to your multi-family rental investment!

SCUDO Real Estate & Property Management is a proven and trusted property management company. We maintain active memberships with a number of real estate organizations including, Equal Housing Opportunity, Realtor, and the National Association of Residential Property Managers.

We’ve also received some of the top awards in the industry due to our results-oriented services. Expertise, City Lifestyle, and Best of Georgia are some of the organizations that have recognized us for our exemplary service and customer satisfaction.

Interesting in working with us? If so, you can get in touch by dialling 913 359 5659.

Areas We Serve

Beyond Kansas City, we also proudly serve Fairway, Leawood, Blue Springs, Johnson County, Lee’s Summit, Merriam, Mission, Mission Hills, Shawnee, Roeland Park, Prairie Village, Overland Park, Parkville, and Waldo. If you have multi-family properties located in these areas, give us a call today!

Our Property Management Services

Managing a multi-family apartment isn’t the same as managing a single-family unit. More units mean more responsibilities for you as a landlord. This level of responsibility can prove to be a serious challenge!

property management kansas city

When managing multiple rental units, you may have trouble keeping up with rent payments. Maintenance requests from tenants may even start causing you sleepless nights. Also, dealing with multiple vacant units at the same time can prove strenuous. That’s where SCUDO Real Estate & Property Management comes in!

You can rely on us to take that weight off of your shoulders. We have the skills and experience to ensure your rental units are in their best condition at all times! 

The following are some of the multi-family property management services you will receive when partnering with us.

Rental Marketing

Vacancies are a costly affair especially when they occur over a long period of time. Even without a tenant, expenses such as property taxes and mortgage payments will keep racking up.

Luckily for you, we can help! SCUDO Real Estate & Property Management has proactive marketing plans. Our marketing services are specially designed to reach as many prospective tenants in Kansas City as possible.

However, we’ll only begin our marketing process after conducting a pre-listing evaluation and rent analysis. This will ensure your rental unit listing is competitive. In addition, we’ll organize and host property showings on your behalf. In order to ensure all prospective tenants are able to view your rental units, we create flexible schedules to ensure all prospective renters have an opportunity to view your property!

Tenant Screening

The only way to ensure a steady rental income is by protecting your investment. It’s important to rent to a tenant that can make consistent rent payments, care for your unit and respect the terms of the lease agreement. 

tenant screening process

However, finding such tenants isn’t always easy. Skills and experience are key to ensuring only the best tenants rent from you. Thanks to our years of industry experience, we understand what it takes to find quality tenants.

Our team conducts tenant screening processes that include rental, background, and criminal history checks. That’s not all! We also call previous landlords to verify some crucial details about prospective tenants. 

The following are a couple of questions we ask previous landlords.

  • How was the tenant towards other tenants and neighbors? 
  • Were they disruptive? 
  • Was the tenant dutiful in maintaining the unit? 
  • Did the tenant pay rent on time, every month? 
  • Would you rent to the tenant again? If not, why?

Thanks to our detail-oriented approach, you can trust that your property will be in safe hands with SCUDO Real Estate & Property Management!

Rent Collection

Another important element of running a successful rental business is rent collection. Unfortunately, it’s one of the most stressful responsibilities for landlords. This is particularly true if you’ve rented to difficult tenants.

Inconsistent rent collection means you won’t be able to maximize your income. Fortunately, SCUDO Real Estate & Property Management has a solution! We understand how daunting and time-consuming rent collection can be.

rent collection

For this reason, we strive to ensure our clients get paid on time, every time. No matter how many rental units your property has, rest assured that we have your back. 

For specific details on how we conduct rent collection, get in touch with us today!

Lease Enforcement

Buying an investment property is a huge financial undertaking – and we understand that! That’s why we’ll do everything possible to ensure you have a detailed lease agreement that protects your interests.

What’s more, we always take time to walk a new tenant through every term in the lease. This helps minimize problems in the future as tenants fully understand our expectations of them.

Maintenance and Repairs 

For optimal returns, your property needs to be in tiptop shape. Additionally, there are certain health and safety codes that your rental units need to adhere to. 

SCUDO Real Estate & Property Management can help you with all of that and more. Our services in this regard include move-in/move-out inspection reports, 24/7 maintenance coordination, and 3rd party maintenance coordination for larger repairs.

About SCUDO Real Estate & Property Management

SCUDO is a real estate brokerage and property management company located in the heart of Johnson County.

We specialize in home buying, selling, and property management in Kansas City and the surrounding areas. No matter the service we’re providing, we’re committed to more than just performing well – Our goal is to forge long-term relationships!

At SCUDO Real Estate & Property Management we love real estate! We’ll help you in all aspects of real estate investing – from helping you buy your dream home to diversifying your investment portfolio. We can even help you downsize upsize or relocate!

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