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Refer a Client to SCUDO

For Realtors

Residents – If you have a Resident that rents a SCUDO property, you will receive a 20% commission on 1-month’s rent (i.e. $1500/mo rent= $300 commission). Showing a SCUDO property is easy! We’ll provide you a secure access code to schedule at your convenience. Referrals are paid when the first full month’s rent is collected after your Resident moves in.

Owners – If your Seller has a property that is not selling, or your Buyer purchased a property that they would like assistance renting or managing, let us know! If it is vacant, and you or SCUDO lease it, you will receive 20% commission of 1-month’s rent, as well as 1-month’s management fees! For example; $1500/mo rent * 20% =$300 + $150 1-month’s management fee= $450! If your referral has a Resident occupied property, you will receive a referral of 1-month’s management fee. Fees are paid out when the first full month’s rent is collected.

For Landlords

Receive a free month of management for any new property management Client referrals, even if they don’t own a property yet! Receive 2-month’s free for your second referral, and 3-months free for your third referral!

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