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Resident Move-out Costs

In an effort to help you plan for your upcoming move financially, we’ve outlined the costs that may be associated with move-out below. Please reference your lease agreement for additional information. As well as the move-out checklist here: We absolutely love refunding security deposits, and have provided an abundance of information to set you up for success. Please review these resources and follow the steps outlined to expedite the return of any funds owed.

Please note that almost all of the charges outlined below are 100% optional. Following the terms of your lease agreement, and the checklist provided will help you avoid any additional charges.

  • Last month’s rent, prorated as needed
  • $5 Landlord Verification. If your new Landlord is requesting a Landlord verification form, please submit the request here. We will not complete any Landlord verification that is not submitted via this method.
  • $3 Payment Processing Fee for direct deposit of security deposit funds.
  • Your keys are due to our office by 5p on your lease end date. Failure to drop your keys at our office will result in additional rents owed, and a lockbox fee of $50 for the placement of a lockbox at your property for key retrieval. If your lease ends on the weekend or a Holiday, plan to leave your keys prior.
  • $100 for vacating the property without notice. If you vacate the property at any time prior to your lease end date, a notice is required. A $100 charge will apply, along with any fees associated with failure to properly transfer utilities, etc. Leaving a property vacant without notice could result in a catastrophe (i.e. pipe burst, burglary, infestation, etc). You are still on the lease agreement and may be liable for damages caused due to leaving the property vacant without notice.
  • Pet waste removal + coordination fee will apply for pet waste left behind
  • A professional cleaning charge + coordination fee will apply for any property that was not professionally cleaned prior to move-out. Please send receipts if your home was professionally cleaned prior to move-out.

Make sure you have auto-pay, or any scheduled payments deactivated for your lease end date!

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