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SCUDO Lawn Care & Snow Removal

$45/hr- 1 hour minimum

Lawn Mowing

A surprising amount of coordination goes into scheduling lawn care! Kansas City has all four seasons, and mother nature likes to change the weather without notice or schedule. You can utilize SCUDO’s lawn service in two different ways:

OPTION 1 – Mow when vacant only. No need to track our seasons, or remember to contact us when your property is vacant, and then again when it’s rented. We’ll mow when it’s needed and stop when your property is occupied, no coordination needed on your end.

OPTION 2 – Mow for the entire mowing season. Including lawn care increases your Resident pool tremendously! Residents who would typically avoid a home with a lawn will now consider your property. This option also mitigates the risk of city fees and citations related to an unruly lawn, let alone unhappy neighboring lawns. This also means we’re setting eyes on the property exterior weekly! We see this option as a win/win, the Residents get to enjoy the perks of a nice looking lawn without the extra work, and you rest easy knowing the exterior of your investment is being taken care of.

Snow Removal

Exterior ice and snow can create liability issues. Enroll in our snow removal services to ensure your property’s common areas, driveway and walk-ways are accessible to Residents, mail carriers, and visitors. Again, no coordination needed, we’re local and can prepare for snow removal as soon as it’s forecasted. Simply enroll and we’ll make sure your property is serviced at every significant snowfall.

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