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SCUDO Maintenance

SCUDO has built a reputation on our integrity, communication, and reliability. These same principles are now applied to our new Maintenance Division. While we still value the excellent local vendors that we continue to refer to, we felt a more seamless, in-house solution was needed.

What’s the value to me, the property owner? SCUDO having more control of the maintenance process means you have more control as the Owner. Having in house maintenance allows our team to be a united front when maintenance issues arise, with all parties on our team communicating the same information to our Residents. Our maintenance protocol sets all parties up for success.

SCUDO Standards Apply. Our maintenance staff are trained on the SCUDO standard of customer service. They treat your Residents with the care and professionalism you yourself would want and expect from a vendor. We set Residents up for success by troubleshooting common maintenance issues (see a sample here), before the tech or vendor is even scheduled. We also proactively share tips and seasonal advice throughout their lease to keep their home operating well in all weather. Lastly, we are fair, but stern on what items constitute as a Resident related expense.

Scheduling and communication with the Resident is seamless, and occurs right in their Resident portal, this completely eliminates the inevitable delays that occur when we’re coordinating on behalf of 2 other parties. Miscommunications are minimized as our tech has direct access to all communication that has occured. Conversations like “someone at SCUDO told me you were going to fix this” will be easily verified.

Resident comfort. We have a relationship with your Residents, and know what their schedule preferences are. They also have the comfort of having someone in their home who they have most likely met before.

Correspondence and event auditing. all work orders and communication, scheduling, and updates are permanently logged in our management platform. No more “he said, she said,” we’ll have access to 100% of all correspondence and scheduling with our tech and resident.

Controlled costs. We’re able to control costs to you as an Owner with straight forward pricing. Our day to day maintenance repairs occur at an hourly rate so there are no surprises.

No job too small. One of the biggest pain points as a property manager is convincing a vendor to come out for a small job. Our vendors are highly rated and in high demand, and often are unable to accommodate small handyman type tasks with their busy schedule, especially when trying to accommodate a Resident’s schedule.

Resident feedback. We are not just another job to our maintenance tech, we are their job! We collect both internal and Resident feedback on every job performed, no matter how small. Your Resident grades our tech on customer service, timeliness, satisfaction with work completed, etc. For unsatisfactory responses, we are not chasing down a 3rd party vendor. Our tech will simply return to the site to ensure all parties are happy.

Preventative Maintenance. Our job isn’t done when the work order is finalized. Our continued relationship with you means we’re looking at every repair long term. We’ll also advise you on items we recommend that will preserve the quality of your investment.

Utilizing 3rd party vendors. We have worked hard to establish relationships with 3rd party vendors, and have negotiated rates that benefit our Clients, with absolutely no kick back or compensation to the company. We have always felt that unexpected repair expenses should not be inflated to increase the burden on our Owners. We will continue to refer specialty or large scale projects to these Vendors as needed.

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