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7 Inexpensive and easy Thanksgiving decor & recipes for your home


Thanksgiving is drawing near, but what happens when it comes to setting a budget for the event? Worry not, as decorating for Thanksgiving does not necessarily have to be a costly process. Same is the case with your Thanksgiving recipes. One can easily use items from their home or take help from nature to set the stage with beautiful decor this Thanksgiving. Here are few inexpensive and easy Thanksgiving décor ideas and recipes for your home:

  1. Light up you fireplaces: nothing can be compared to a fireplace lit on cool, crisp day or evening. Make sure that all fireplaces in your house are lit and complement the place around fire with some cookies and cider or tea on a nearby table. The treats will add to the overall visual effect of the house, and take center stage.
  2. Use and reuse uncut Halloween pumpkins: Halloween gives rise to a pile of pumpkins in our homes. If you have some of your pumpkins remaining uncut at Halloween, you may opt to use them Thanksgiving Day. You may use it to make a fall arrangement or may place them in a grouping of three or four to create an impact of color in the décor.
  3. Gather from nature: go out and gather birch, pine cones, twigs, or logs. These items will add flair of nature in your occasion. You may opt to scent these natural items by dripping a few drops of vanilla oil or cinnamon. Place them along the hearth, or as center pieces on your tables.
  4. Make potato chips: potato chips with chive-sour cream dip serves as one of the most reasonable and delicious recipes for Thanksgiving. One can make great use of thrown away potato peels and turn them into deep and crispy fries. Recipe here:
  5. Using candles: placing candle might seem ordinary, but think of it–a bunch of bright candles placed on autumn leaves of different colors. You can use candles of staggering heights to create an aesthetic appeal. You may also use battery-operated candles for worry-free atmosphere and continuous lightning
  6. Opt for a supermarket bird: An ideal Thanksgiving Day is incomplete without eating heritage turkeys. Supermarket turkeys can be a fine alternative to traditional expensive turkeys. One can use seasoning to add onto the extra flavor on the texture of the bird.
  7. Don’t stick to a particular recipe: Small swaps while cooking can help you save big. Substitute water for canned stock in the soup; rather than making a turkey stock, use slurry of flour and water to thicken the gravy. Make your own frosting/icing at home rather than store-bought (pumpkin flavored frosting recipe here!)
  8. Make the focus the gathering, not the food: Highlight the importance of enjoying one another, and not how much you can eat in one setting. Fellowship amongst family and friends is free!

We hope that these tips will help you host a memorable Thanksgiving get-together while minimizing your expenses.

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