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Ask SCUDO! “What are some surprising buyer turnoffs?”

Client Question: What are some unexpected Buyer turnoffs for Seller’s? Outside of the obvious, what are some I’d be surprised by?

SCUDO’s Answer:

  • Knowledge of previous Owner’s illegal activities (i.e. drug bust) or death
  • Large trees and/or tree limbs close to the house. Trees can wreak havoc on homes, especially those that are old, or have dead limbs. Depending on the type of tree, it can also mean potential leaf clean up, and attracting unwanted pests.
  • Uneven flooring. Slanting, and uneven floors often make Buyers nervous of what potential issues lie beneath
  • Mix-matched flooring. 3 different shades of hardwoods, or mulitple types of laminate, etc throughout a house can be unpleasing to Buyers, and will typically be seen as something that will need to be remodeled down the road.
  • Uneven yard. A hill will be hard to mow, and a slope toward the house can spell future foundation issues, especially in rainy climates.
  • Old windows. In most cases, this is seen as a negative to future home owners as it means an inevitable future expense.
  • No fence. Whether for privacy purposes, or to create a safe place for children and animals to play, this can be seen as a downside, and large future expense
  • School districts. Even the most beautiful home could lose a Buyer with young children if it’s not in a district with schools they deem acceptable, or without good private school alternatives.
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