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Are you looking to hire a property manager in the community of Fairway, KS? If so, let SCUDO Real Estate and Property Management take care of your investment!

Based in Overland Park, SCUDO offers a wide range of investment and property management services in Kansas and Missouri. We are dedicated to protecting your Fairway rental home investment and improving your cash flow! With an outstanding history in growing property investments, SCUDO always aims to help you retain your best long-term tenants and ensure your success! We’re highly competent in managing rental homes and have multiplied our service areas over time.

For your Fairway rental home, we’ll do nothing less than our best. Our team is committed to reducing your vacancies and finding respectful renters through performing comprehensive tenant screenings. We also provide leasing services such as lease preparation and enforcement which means you’ll enjoy greater returns with our efficient rent collection. When it comes to property repairs, our team at SCUDO will make sure your Fairway rental home will always be in excellent hands.

Having SCUDO as your property management partner means you’ll have legal experts working for you! Our marketing and tenant placement services strictly adhere to the Fair Housing laws and will make any updates needed should federal, state, or laws change.

Want to try our Fairway management services? Find us at (913) 359 5659 for a free rental analysis! SCUDO ensures that your rental rates are fully representative of your Fairway rental homes. 

We look forward to discussing the possibility of growing your rental investment and ensuring your success in the community of Fairway!

Our Property Management Services

SCUDO has designed amazing property management plans for all of our Fairway clients.

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We aim to reduce your stress by using our comprehensive screening process to ensure only the best tenants rent your Fairway rental properties! When it comes to rental property maintenance and repair, we’re always available to fix property issues! 

You can rest easy knowing the SCUDO team is handling all aspects of property management for your Fairway rental.

Thanks to our comprehensive services, our clients notice and experience the following benefits:

Rental Property Marketing

As a landlord, you’ll notice that nothing hurts your income and limits your success more than a vacant unit. The value of investments lies in their ability to provide steady returns for you. SCUDO ensures that the right marketing strategies are applied immediately so you can get great tenants in as little time as possible! 

Advertising your Fairway rental home requires expertise. You need to know which marketing vehicle will enable you to reach your target demographic. SCUDO can help – we’re well experienced in marketing and can attract a large pool of tenants for you to choose from.

Our marketing methods maximize online and offline advertising avenues. 

We aim to cast a wide net to maximize our chance of finding high-caliber tenants. More often than not, SCUDO can rent out your Fairway rental properties in under a month! We use optimal pricing strategies and attend to all prospective tenant inquiries and property showings!

Tenant Screening Process

Having a successful Fairway rental property means finding and keeping quality tenants.

Most landlords notice that if a tenant screening system fails to identify red flags, you can risk a loss in income or even incur expenses due to property damage.

Fairway Management Finding Quality Tenants leasing

SCUDO is committed to performing thorough tenant evaluations, which means you don’t have to worry about problem tenants. Prospective tenants must have a satisfactory credit score, pay the required security deposit, and have sufficient income to cover rent costs. We also talk to prospective tenants’ prior landlords and check their rental history to determine if they have demonstrated financial responsibility and a healthy respect for rental properties! Only those who meet our high standards will be accepted as tenants for your Fairview rental home.

Rent Collection

As a Fairway rental homeowner, the easiest way to ensure your investment is paying off is through proper rent collection. Chasing after tenant payments can be exhausting! That’s why an effective rental collection system must be implemented.

SCUDO is an expert at rent collection. We offer a variety of payment methods that tenants can select from! By closely observing payment terms and conditions, and sending a written notice as needed, we are able to discourage tenants from paying partial rent and damaging your cash flow. This guarantees that you will consistently receive full payments!

Property Repairs and Maintenance

Fairway rental home investors are tasked with attending to extensive property maintenance when they manage their own properties. You’ll notice that we are always proactive so you can trust that our clients’ rental properties maintain their appeal and value. This means that regular property inspections must be performed. Otherwise, small issues like minor leaks can end up developing into much larger and more expensive problems like mold and flooding.

Fairway Management Rental Space

Under state law, landlords are duty-bound to provide a safe and habitable rental space. Safety codes must be followed and health protocols maintained. If you’re a self-managing landlord, this requires sacrificing a huge portion of your time. However, you can avoid this by partnering with SCUDO.

With a stellar in-house maintenance system and a great network of vendor partnerships, SCUDO can be relied upon! Whether the weather makes a change for the worse or tenants need to provide notice of issues or contact us after hours, we’re available to keep your tenants safe, answer requests and the property in outstanding condition regardless of the time of day!

Detailed Financial Reporting

To properly assess the performance of your Fairway rental home, financial records must be diligently maintained! You need to have full access to vital information related to your rental property’s income, expenses and profit.

The SCUDO team pulls your financial data and presents it to you by developing organized reports and monthly statements. We’re also happy to assist you throughout stressful tax season!

About Fairway, Kansas

Fairway is situated in Johnson County and is considered a part of the Kansas City Metro area.

Residents enjoy living in Fairway, especially avid golfers. Many people notice that the area is blessed with green space due to its vast number of parks. Families raising school-aged children are delighted by Fairway’s top-caliber school system and warm sense of community. Urban amenities are easily accessible making Fairway an appealing place to live or visit.


In fact, it’s common to hear that plenty of retirees will visit or move to Fairway due to the city’s accessibility and well-maintained golf courses!

Here are a few interesting places you can find in Fairway, Kansas:

  1. Shawnee Indian Mission State Historic Site
  2. Kansas City Country Club
  3. Mission Hills Country Club
  4. Carriage Club
  5. Neale Peterson Park
  6. Kathy Lyon Flora Park
  7. Fairway Swimming Pool

Source: Wikipedia

Areas We Serve

In addition to Fairway, we are proud to serve investors and landlords leasing properties in the following areas:

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