Half The Fees, All The Traditional Brokerage Services

SCUDO now proudly offers a reduced commission fee of 1.5% to list your home, when you use SCUDO to purchase your new home, it’s that simple! The time has come for an industry disrupt, and we are excited to be one of the first Broker’s locally to offer full brokerage services at a competitive rate. You will receive the same A+, top rated, SCUDO experience we have built a reputation on, at half the cost.

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    What if my new home is in a different state?

    No problem! We can source and interview Realtors in your new location on your behalf, then refer you to our top choices. You will still qualify for the 1.5% rate.

    How much would it cost to sell my home normally?

    The vast majority of Brokerages charge 3% for a listing. This would make the total owed by Seller 6% (3% to the Listing Broker, 3% to the Buyer’s Broker). With SCUDO, we only take 1.5% on our side, meaning you pay 4.5% commission. Let’s say you are selling a $300,000 home, traditionally you would pay $18,000 in commission. With SCUDO, you pay $13,500 – that’s nearly $5k in savings!!

    How much do I pay for your services when I purchase a home?

    SCUDO’s home Buyer services are always 100% free to you.

    Does half price mean half the service?

    This is what really sets SCUDO apart. We provide 100% full Brokerage services! No corners cut, no additional cost to you.

    Why do you offer half price services, what’s the catch?

    There’s no catch. We have always prided ourselves on being leaders in the real estate industry and firmly believe it’s time for a change. Our Clients are savvy and know that full price listings are a thing of the past. We are excited to be pushing industry standards forward by offering our Clients a full service brokerage, at half the cost.

    Where to begin?

    Provide us with a little information about your home and your timeline (we let you set the pace). We’ll kick things off with a quick, comprehensive market analysis outlining comps in your neighborhood, and what we believe your property could sell for.

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