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Are you looking for property management services in Johnson County? Then look no further, SCUDO Property Management is just the company for you!

Real estate investments are one of the best options in the market today due to their ability to appreciate over time and provide passive income. However, self-managing a rental property can be quite stressful and time-consuming especially for new landlords.

Management of properties involves many activities that could at times be overwhelming to the landlord. Relieve the pressure of self-management and hire a trusted and experienced property management company.

SCUDO is a real estate brokerage and rental management company located in Johnson County, Kansas. Our main objective is to help you navigate the real estate industry through our guidance. At SCUDO we ensure that we protect and shield your investment. When we manage your rental properties, you gain a sense of security. 

We deal with various types of properties including bungalows, apartments, and even multi-unit rentals. Our services are also customer-oriented as we provide services to buyers, sellers, property renters, and investors alike. Our Johnson County team is well trained, qualified, certified, and informed so you can trust that you and your investments are in good hands.

We understand that every property owner has unique needs so we ensure that we provide tailor-made service to every client. Our goal is to provide investors with peace of mind!

To learn more about our services contact our team today! You can call us at (913) 359-5659 or email us at [email protected]

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Our Property Management Services

At SCUDO Property Management, we handle the heavy lifting so our clients can enjoy the fruits of their property investment in Johnson County. Due to the diverse needs of both landlords and tenants, we provide a number of services.

Our management fees are competitively priced, and we offer certain discounts and have various flexible programs that landlords can choose from.

Some of our Johnson County services are highlighted below: 

Inspections and Maintenance

Maintenance is not only about fixing what is broken but avoiding issues from happening in the first place. We carry out preventive maintenance by implementing scheduled inspections and repairs in all our properties. During our inspections, we check to see that everything works as it should and if not make sure that it’s fixed before there’s any serious damage.

Our technical team will also provide a detailed report on anything that they find to be a miss and advice you on various matters as they see fit. You can trust that your Johnson County property will remain in top condition with us by your side.

Tenant Screening and Management 

Before your rent out your Johnson County property to someone, you want to ensure that they are going to be a quality tenant. This is someone who will pay the monthly rent on time, respect the terms of the lease agreement, and do their part in maintaining the property. To find this person you must conduct screenings on all prospective tenants.

Once you’ve landed tenants you’ll want them to stay long-term. Ensuring a low turnover of tenants on your property is crucial for any landlord. But this is only achievable if each tenant feels valued and appreciated from the moment they step foot on your property. This is a result of an intentional effort that has far-reaching consequences.

Johnson County property management companies

Our staff is unmatched in the quality of service that they offer our clients in the area. We ensure that their requests are addressed promptly and efficiently. We treat all the residents with care and professionalism.

Owner and Tenant Communication

To allow for fast and easy communication between tenants and the management, we make use of an online portal. This allows our team to respond as fast as possible if issues arise.

Having a portal is a game-changer in the industry. Our technical team can synchronize any and all maintenance, inspection, and repair needs and tenants can communicate when they are available, allowing for better scheduling.

Johnson County property owners will also have access to the portal. We’ll fashion you with a set of personal credentials that you can log into the portal and view particulars about your property. Once you have logged in, you will be able to see details on the property’s rental income, expenses, vacancies, condition, and maintenance reports.

Trust in SCUDO Property Management for reliable and trusted service in Johnson County.

Financial Reporting

Having rental investments is similar to running a business. To determine the viability of your Johnson County rental properties, accurate and detailed records must be kept. In addition, prudent management ensures that every dollar spent is accounted for. Our team is the best for such a service!

Johnson County home rental services and real estate investment

Your Johnson County property manager will provide a well-detailed budget at the beginning of every financial quarter with different costs accounted for. This will enable property owners to plan ahead.

About Johnson County, Kansas

Johnson County has seen a steady rise in its population over the last few years. With a current population of 602,401 residents, it’s the most populous county in the state.

Johnson county locals enjoy living in the area because of its access to museums, parks, bike paths, and delicious restaurants. The area is attractive to families, young professionals, and students alike. The county has a strong job market, quality schools for students of all ages, and an exciting nightlife.

– Source Wikipedia

Areas We Serve

In addition to Johnson County, we are proud to serve the areas of Fairway, Kansas City, Overland Park, Lee’s Summit, Blue Springs, Waldo, Parkville, Leawood, Merriam, Mission, Mission Hills, Olathe, Prairie Village, Roeland Park, and Shawnee.

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