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Move-Out Checklist

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SCUDO Move-out Acknowledgement and Instructions

We understand that moving can be stressful and we want to make your move out as stress free as we can. Our goal is always to return as much of your security deposit as possible. Please take a moment to review these detailed instructions below. Failure to comply with these instructions may result in deductions to your security deposit. Please contact our office with any questions. Thank you for being a SCUDO resident and we wish you the best of luck with your move.

Complete a move out inspection
Notice to Vacate

We require a minimum of 60 days notice when you are planning to vacate the property. We require all residents to submit notice via their Resident Portal by logging in and selecting “contact us”–>”Give notice to vacate,” then input the additional requested information (move out date, forwarding address, etc.) so we can process and mail your security deposit refund.

Early Lease Termination

If you desire to terminate your lease prior to the lease expiration, please notify SCUDO. Once we receive a signed Termination Agreement, we will put the property back on the rental market and look for a new qualified resident. You will be responsible for the entire lease term, including utilities, and lawn maintenance until a new resident signs a lease and moves into the property. Once the new resident takes possession, your lease obligation will end. In addition, you will be subject to a Lease Termination Fee equal to 1 month’s rent.

Deposit Return

We love returning security deposits, and our goal is always to return as much of your security deposit as possible. In order for us to do that you must fulfill the terms of the lease and follow these move out instructions. Security deposits dispositions are sent out within 30 days from the lease end date, provided you have vacated the property and returned your keys. The amount you receive back is really up to you. We are thrilled to now offer a direct deposit of your refund directly into your bank account. Please note that a $3.00 processing fee will apply.

If you’ve opted into Obligo, any charges will be input into, and sent to you, via an email from Obligo.

Keys and Forwarding Address

All house keys, mail box keys, garage remotes, parking passes, entry fobs, etc., to the property, need to be dropped off at our office before 5:00 PM on the last day of your lease term. If your lease date ends on a weekend, you either need to drop items off earlier in the week during office hours or use the drop box at our office. All items should be placed in a padded envelope with your name, property address and your new forwarding address.

Returning keys constitutes vacating the property and allows us to begin processing your security deposit. If you fail to return your keys, you will be considered a “holdover resident” and will incur daily rent charges.

Transferring Utilities

Please contact your utility providers to do a final meter reading as of your last day of tenancy and make sure when you vacate all outstanding balances are paid in full. Please leave all utilities in your name through the end of your lease term, regardless of whether you move out sooner. Cancellation date should be the last day of your lease term, unless you receive approval from us to cancel earlier. You man continue to utilize our free utility concierge service at any future properties!

If you were enrolled in the Resident Benefits Package, please note that all benefits will be cancelled on your move out date.

Resident Portal and Stopping Rent Payments

If you have your resident portal on AUTOPAY, please be sure to deactivate your payment. SCUDO does not have access to your portal. The resident portal is set up to SEND money. SCUDO does not bill your account or draft your account. If you do not deactivate your payment on time, your bank will send a payment even if there are no charges to your account. In the event this happens, SCUDO will refund your money via paper check within 10 days. We are not able to stop a payment or transfer funds back into your account.


We will conduct the final move out inspection once you have completely moved out and have returned all the keys to the property. We will compare the Move In Inspection approved by you at move-in to the current condition of the property. Please have the property in rent ready condition by the end of your lease date as you will not be able to re-enter the property after that date.

Marketing Process

If the owner of your property is choosing to re-rent, there may be a sign placed at the property, per the lease agreement. We will begin advertising the property as soon as we receive notice and we will start conducting showings up to 30 days from lease expiration. You will be given at least 24hrs notice before each showing. Anything you can do to keep the property in show condition will increase the chances of us renting sooner and us no longer needing to show. If you have a pet, please place them in a kennel or remove them if they may interfere with the showing.

Painting, Picture Hanger Holes – Do not spackle

Please do not fill small holes in your walls with spackle or try to do touch up painting. Often this make the situation worse and requires us to fully repaint the walls (at resident expense). Tiny holes are normally considered normal wear and tear. If you have caused excessive wear and tear on the walls and they need to be painted or touched up, please contact us and we can help you through that process.


If you have caused any damage to the property beyond normal wear and tear, we request that all repairs be addressed before move out (broken blinds, screens, door handles, trim, cabinets, towel racks, etc.) Again, once the keys are returned, residents will not have access to the property for any repairs.

Professional Cleaning

We require that the property be professionally cleaned after you move out. We strongly suggest residents use SCUDO’s preferred cleaning vendor to ensure that the property is cleaned to our professional standard and so that there are no additional costs charged to residents for any additional cleaning necessary. Although we require professional cleaning, this does not give residents the right to leave the place trashed. There are base charges for cleaning depending on the size of the house, but additional charges will apply if the house is left trashed. There will be additional charges for any removal of trash, clothing, furniture, or belongings that must be hauled away from the property.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

We require that the carpets be professionally cleaned after you move out. We strongly suggest that residents use SCUDO’s preferred carpet cleaning vendor to ensure that the property is cleaned to our professional standard and so that there are no additional costs charged to residents for any additional cleaning necessary.

General Items
  • Replace all burned out light bulbs
  • Replace batteries in smoke/CO detectors
  • Replace all HVAC filters with your most recent delivery of second nature filter
  • Replace drip pans on the stove
  • Repair damage caused to the property (e.g. torn screens, broken windows, clogged drains, etc.)
  • Remove all personal items from the house, garage, storage buildings, etc.
  • Remove all marks from walls
Yard Maintenance
  • Weed appropriate planting areas and remove dead leaves and debris
  • Mow lawn and edge
  • Trim hedges and shrubs
  • Sweep walks, decks and patios
  • Remove all pet waste and repair related damage

A good rule of thumb is to leave the home in a condition you would be happy to move into. Thank you for following these move out instructions and for being a resident of SCUDO. We wish you the best at your new property.

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