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New Property Onboarding Form

Please submit this form for each new property you are onboarding with Scudo. This will expedite your onboarding process and ensures we have the most accurate information on file. We will use this information to prepare your management agreement (as applicable), accurately input your property into our software and contact any existing Tenants.

For properties greater than a duplex (i.e. triplexes +), please call our Onboarding Manager for assistance or email [email protected]

Are you the Property Owner, or an Agent/Property Manager filling this out for a Client?
Do you currently have a property managed by Scudo?
Owner Information
Property Information
Best contact to coordinate key pickup and request additional information if needed:
Current rent amount. If none, please list your preferred rental amount*
Are pets allowed?* If yes, Scudo requires a minimum $250 non-refundable pet fee
Does this property have an HOA?

If yes, please upload a copy of the HOA docs, or provide a link where they may be found. Please note that Scudo's lease requires Tenant's to adhere to all HOA rules and regulations.

What parking is available?*
Any known property defects?
Home Warranty information*
Please list the correct utility company for the following:
Cable currently installed?
Have you set up Landlord utility accounts at your property? These are accounts that will auto-revert back to your name when the unit becomes vacant
Does the property have a pool?*
Air filter size and location. Tenants are responsible for filter replacement, we send frequent reminders throughout the duration of their lease.
Do you have any "smart tech" (i.e. nest, security cameras, high end appliances) in the home?*
Is the property occupied?

Tenant Information

Current Tenant Contact Information
Any open or pending work orders?*
Have you registered your property as a rental property with the City? Please see additional information here: Belton, Missouri

Final question:

Any additional notes or information about the home?
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