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Overland Park Property Management Company

Are you looking to hire a property manager in Overland Park, KS.? If you are, then allow SCUDO Real Estate and Property Management to handle your investment!

Located in Overland Park, Kansas, SCUDO is proud to be owned and operated by locals as a real estate brokerage and property management company. Our mission is to always protect the interests and investments of our clients. Our services help clients buy, sell, rent, and invest in real estate properties.

Our local expertise helps you make solid decisions from property hunting, property purchasing, property management, and even property selling. We are partners for the long haul!

Overland Park rental owners benefit from our full-service property management solutions. We can assist you with tenant placement, property marketing, rent analysis, tenant screening, onboarding tenants, and lease preparation. We’re also well versed in lease enforcement, maintenance coordination, and rent collection.

As part of our commitment to protect your interests, we also offer our expertise in landlord-tenant laws, Fair Housing laws, and state and federal laws when it comes to real estate.

For convenience, we offer 3 types of management programs that are suitable to the unique needs of your Overland Park rental. You can select between Silver, Gold, or Platinum. You also go for a Leasing Only option. Discounts are available for luxury properties and multiple rental units!

Contact us today at (913) 359 5659 to learn more about our extensive property management services. We always welcome inquiries and provide a free rental analysis. We’re looking forward to freeing up your time!

property managers in Overland Park, KS

Our Property Management Services

Be it finding a high-quality renter, keeping up with property maintenance and repair, or collecting rental payment on time, SCUDO is proven to deliver. We also enjoy taking care of tenants and address all issues ranging from minor ones to urgent cases promptly.

Our clients can experience the following benefits as our partners:

1. Marketing of Your Rental Property

Vacancies are detrimental to your ROI. It can mean losses when you factor in maintenance and marketing costs. Even if nobody currently occupies your Overland Park rental, you still need to oversee the landscaping, plumbing, and HVAC systems.

Aside from that, you can’t allow the dust to settle and collect so you need to hire cleaners or else perform the cleaning task yourself.

SCUDO seeks to market your rental efficiently through MLS, referrals, realtors, and online advertising. We understand that a lot depends on the season and type of property. That’s why we conduct an accurate rental analysis to arrive at the optimal price. We also have property showings on a regular schedule so prospects are welcome at their convenience.

2. Tenant Screening Process

Screening tenants is an important procedure to minimize future stress. For your Overland Park rental home, you can expect that only tenants with verified background checks will be accepted.

tenant screening and rent collection process

SCUDO has a streamlined application system to screen tenants. Potential renters must meet reasonable criteria such as:

  • Household income that is greater than or 3x the monthly rent
  • A minimum credit score of 615
  • Security deposit that is a minimum of 1 month of rent
  • Subjected to a pet screening for tenants with pets
  • Providing supporting documents such as pay stubs, tax returns for self-employed and others

SCUDO retains the right to turn down applicants with eviction records, criminal records, and unpaid debt. We’re very protective of the interests of our clients and careful when accepting tenants.

3. Rent Collection

Being effective at rent collection ensures our clients can gain peace of mind while expanding their investment portfolio. If your rent collection for your Overland Park property remains inconsistent, you will face losses. With SCUDO onboard, however, we offer a systematic method of rent collection.

We enforce the lease agreement firmly when it comes to paying the rent. We offer various payment channels via online payment, debit card, credit card, and specific cash locations.

We closely monitor payment schedules and follow the legal eviction procedure should a tenant fails to pay the rent on the 10th day. We practice fairness and emphasize the importance of complying with the leasing conditions during the lease signing.

4. Property Repairs & Maintenance

Day-to-day property maintenance can be tedious for property owners. You need to keep up with lawn services, clean the gutters, deal with pipe issues, broken toilets, and more. This leaves you little room for other activities when handling your Overland Park rental home on your own.

property maintenance, repairs and inspections

SCUDO offers in-house maintenance and trusted partnerships with vetted vendors. We are available to take care of all property issues 24/7 and all year round, even during important holidays!

5. Detailed Financial Reporting

Our property management company believes in open communication and transparency. That’s why we, at SCUDO, provide our clients with detailed monthly financial statements and 1099 to make it easy for you to track your Overland Park rental home’s income and expenses.

About Overland Park, Kansas

Overland Park is situated in Johnson County and is ranked second-most populous in Kansas City. It was incorporated in 1960 and awarded as the ‘Best city to raise a family” and one of the most popular cities for millennials” back in 2018.

Residents enjoy living in Overland Park for its excellent schools, family attractions, and low crime rate. The city is clean, well-maintained and downtown Kansas is less than a half-hour away making more urban amenities accessible.

Here are interesting places to see in Overland Park, Kansas:

  • Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens
  • Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead
  • Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art

– Source Wikipedia

Areas We Serve

In addition to Overland Park, we proudly serve the areas of Blue Springs, Waldo, Fairway, Parkville, Johnson County, Lee’s Summit, Kansas City, Leawood, Merriam, Mission, Mission Hills, Olathe, Prairie Village, Roeland Park, and Shawnee.

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