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Property Management

We believe what sets SCUDO Property Management apart is our unparalleled dedication to an exceptional level of service. We purposefully manage a boutique portfolio of properties with the intention of providing a quality of care that we expect ourselves as investors.

At SCUDO, our passion is giving you, the Investor, more time. Traveling the world, hunting down new investments, or hanging with your kids- whatever you want to be doing, or wherever you want to be, we want to give you the time to do it. We firmly believe that all the investments in the world mean nothing if they’re not allowing you the time to do the things, and be with the people you love. Give us a call today, and start giving yourself the gift of time!

Price shopping? We get it, and we’d do the same. We do ask that you consider the whole picture when evaluating who to choose. There are high costs associated with poor management. These can include; deferred maintenance (esp when that deferred maintenance turns into a catastrophic repair), high tenant turnover, disgruntled Tenants or vendors, delayed or missing rent payments to you, delayed eviction process, unethical and dishonest management practices, properties sitting vacant, inadequate tenant screening, and long lag times of communication or miscommunication. The cost of any of these far exceeds any price differentiation on monthly management fees. We know how catastrophic a mismanaged property or portfolio can be because we have taken over many of these. It’s been said that peace of mind is priceless, and that is what we feel SCUDO offers.

For your convenience, we offer TWO service packages, as well as an “a la carte” menu;

    100% of 1-month’s rent
    • $ 100
    • Perfect for the Owner who solely needs professional assistance leasing their investment(s). Services included in this package are as follows:

      • Marketing your property to a large pool of prospective tenants, with 25+ online venues, including paid advertisements on several sites, as well as our constant stream of referrals
      • Qualifying applicants by completing a background, criminal, reference, and employment check
      • Lease preparation and execution.
      • File preservation until lease expires; a lease renewal option is available.
      • No Hidden costs or fees!
    10% of gross rents received + lease package
    • $ 100
    • Perfect for the Owner who wants to check-in on their Property when they want to, not when they need to! Includes all services in the leasing package as well as:

      • Real estate market analysis (Broker’s opinion of value, ROI, etc)
      • Rent & Security Deposit collections
      • Accounting & Auto Bank Deposits
      • Coordinating repairs & maintenance
      • Preparing monthly Owner reports’
      • 24/7 Online access to your Owner Portal
      • 24/7 maintenance line, including holidays & weekends
      • Regular Owner communication
      • Thorough property inspection before move-in, after move-out
      • Landlord Insurance to cover evictions, rent lost, & malicious Tenant damage available
      • Tenant liability insurance required (paid by Tenant)
      • Tenant filter program (paid by Tenant)
      • Pet Screening (paid by Tenant)
      • No Hidden costs or fees!
      • $125 annual admin fee per Owner/Entity
    $150 for each item
    • $ 100
    • Perfect for the Owner who likes to pick and choose when they need us.

      $150 for each item below, pick one or combine any of the following:

      • Property inspection at move-in (included in full service)
      • Property inspection at move-out (included in full service)
      • Turnover service (included in full service) we will oversee the repairs, cleaning, and quality control of work completed between Tenants
      • Inspection at renewal
      • Inspection at 6-month’s into lease term
      • Advertise your property and forward all leads to you
      • Create lease and send for signatures

Things we don’t charge:

No vacant property fees

No maintenance referral fees,markups, or kickbacks

No renewal fees

No onboarding fees

No cancellation fees

No lockbox fees

No technology fees

Please contact us today to learn more!

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